Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sales Organization

Definition of Sales Organization
The value-based orientation and set-up of sales channels and management structures is a central part of sales control. In the past, having an extensive agency network was a central success factor. In the future, the focus is more likely to be on networking of various sales channels (key word: multi-channel). This will mean numerous changes, for example in the supply of the necessary information, in the management of sales channels, and also in the creation of customer-friendly product bundles. Integrated reconciliation of sales activities and avoidance of channel conflicts will be of great importance.

Building the sales organization
The sales department in any organization occupies strategic position. Of all company personnel, those in the sales department are in the closest touch with final buyers and middlemen. Sales department personnel also work closely with such key publics as the industry, the government, the educational world and the press. How these representatives of the sales department conduct themselves with the public affects the company’s reputation. Good relations depend in larger measure upon the skill with which personnel selling programs are planned and executed, thus building an good sales organization plays a very important role in maintaining above said relations and promote the sales.

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