Friday, January 2, 2009

Sales promotion

As a part our talk on Sales force management we have already talked on so many important factors of the sales force management like sales training, sales development, sales methods, sales types, sales organizations, sales reports etc…. today we are going to discuss one more important factor of sales force management and which is Sales Promotion. For any business sales promotion is the most crucial planning and organizing part of their sale policies.

Co-ordinating the activities of all departments so that maximum progress is made toward overall company objectives is top management’s responsibility. Department heads, in addition to implementing top management’s directives, harmonize their activities so that the tasks of all departments are accomplished effectively. Each understands the functions of other departments and, each is responsible for co-ordinating his/her department’s activities to contribute to company success. For example, a Blinds Company who sales vertical blinds and roman shades online. Marketing team get business online and the production team need to delivery order products within given time by marketing team. In that case co-ordination between two departs is most important.

Good sales organizations plays a very important role in maintaining above said relations and promote the sales. Although primary responsibility of top sales executives is to manage sales department. A telly caller for term insurance agency need to be in touch with his sales departments, so when they have seasonal promotional schemes it be offered to clients right away. Sales executives understand how other departments influence and are influenced by the sales department. These are dynamic relationships, so a change in one department often has repercussions in other. A special co-ordination is required between sales and marketing department, in the areas of advertising, marketing information, service, physical distribution etc.

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