Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Advertising Management

Advertising management is also important part of the Sales Management. Marketing depends heavily on effective communication flow between the company and the consumer, manufacturing a product and making it available on the market is only a part of company’s job. It is equally important or perhaps more important, to make it known to the consumer that the product is available in the market. In a competitive market, where several firms are striving to win over consumers, it is not enough if just the availability is made. It is essential to propagate the distinctive features of the product. The process does not end here either. The marketing communication is not over by releasing an advertisement, or by offering a price reduction or by introducing attractive packing. It is a larger and continuous process. It involves a continuous dialog between the firms and its customer.

The marketing communication mix consists of five major modes of communication they are: Sales promotion, public relation and publicity, personal selling, direct and interactive marketing and advertising.

Of all the above modes we have discussed all other modes in the earlier units and course except advertising, in this unit let us discuss in detail about the advertising management as a tool of communication.

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