Saturday, November 29, 2008

Managing the Sales Force-1

Managing the sales force involves the following conceptual activities, let us discuss each of them briefly.

1. Compensation
2. Motivation of sales personnel
3. Morale Building
4. Sales coaching/supervision
5. Evaluation/appraisal
6. Training and development

1. Compensation: Once a sales personal is selected it is necessary to design a good sales compensation plan, according to experts sales compensation plan meets the following requirements.

It provides a living wage.
The plan fits with the rest of the motivational program.
Plan should be fair.
It must easy for sales personal to understand.
Plan must adjust pay according to change in performance.
It must be economical to administer.
It must help in attaining the objectives of the sales organizations.

Steps in devising the good compensation plan: Whether contemplating major or minor changes or drafting completely new sales compensation plan, the sales executive approaches the project systematically, good compensation are built on solid foundations. A systematic approach assures that no essential step is overlooked, they are:

a. Define the sales job.
b. Consider the company’s general compensation structure.
c. Consider compensation patterns in company and industry.
d. Determine compensation levels.
e. Provide for the various compensation elements.
f. Consider special company needs and problems.
g. Consult the present sales force.
h. Reduce tentative plan to writing and preset it.
i. Revise the plan.Implement the plan and provide for follow up.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Creating the Sales Force-1

Source of sales force recruitment: Is categorized into two types’-namely internal sources and external sources.

An internal source consists of: Company sales personnel, company executive and internal transfers. An external source consists of: direct unsolicited applications, employment agencies, sales people making calls on the company, employees of customers, sales executives club, sales force of non-competing companies, sales force of competing companies, educational institutions etc.

Selection: Selection system of sales personal range from simple one step system consisting of nothing more than an informal personal interview, to complex multiple step system incorporating diverse mechanisms designed to gather information about applicant for sales jobs. A selection system is a set of successive ‘screens’ at any of which an applicant may be dropped from further considerations.

Steps involved in sales personnel selection: Normally following are the steps used in most of the company’s for the selection of the sales personal:

1. Preliminary interview and pre-interview screening.
2. Formal application form.
3. Interview: The techniques may consist of, patterned interview,
non-directive interview, interaction interview.
4. Rating scales.
5. References and credit check.
6. Tests: Tests may be consists of following types – tests of ability
tests of habitual characteristics, Interest tests, achievement test.
7. Physical examination.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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