Monday, December 29, 2008

Sales report

Today we are going to discuss on Sales Report and user of sales reports and types of sales reports. The fundamental purpose of sales reports is to provide control information. Good communications require interaction between those preparing and those receiving reports. A good sales reporting system provides both for communication from field to headquarters and from headquarter to the field. Field sales reports provide sales management with a basis for discussion with sales personnel and it helps to the sales personnel in their self-improvement programs.

Uses of sales reports:
a) Sales reports provide data for evaluating performance.
b) Helps to plan the activity to the salesman.
c) Helps to record the customers suggestions and complaints, about products, service policies, price changes advertising campaigns etc.
d) Helps to gather information on competitors activities.
e) Helps to report changes in local business and economic conditions.
f) To keep the mailing list updated for promotional and catalog materials.
g) To provide information required by marketing research.

Types of sales report:
a) Progress or call report
b) Expense report
c) Sales work plan
d) New business or potential new business report
e) Report of complaint and/or adjustments

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