Friday, December 12, 2008

Sales Approaches

Symptoms of poor morale:
1. Minor complaints get magnified.
2. Unionism suddenly arises.
3. Anti-management attitude of sales personnel.

Sales coaching/supervision: It is also important factor in sales management. It is perhaps the most neglected, but potentially most rewarding area. Effective sales supervision will increase sales and profits and reduce selling expense. It will also improve the morale and motivation of the salesman and reduce their wasteful turnover. The extent and sales supervision may vary depending the complexity of the organization. Important aspect that requires close supervision includes.

1. Setting norms for sales calls.
2. Managing key customers.
3. Guiding salesman on route planning.

Evaluation/appraisal: The basic idea of all performance appraisals is the belief that human beings have great capacity for growth and improved performance under right climate for performance, they will respond creatively and positively. The same principle applies equally to the performance appraisal of sales personal. The sales personnel perform better when performance criteria, goals, and tasks are established clearly and by mutual agreement. Likewise their performance is considerably improved when they are given periodic feedback on how they are performing and in what areas they can improve by greater application. The sales personnnel performance helps debt consolidation work in company. They also come up with improved performance when they are given the necessary help and guidance on the job and are rewarded promptly according to their contribution.

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