Thursday, December 25, 2008

Growth and Development

Ensuring growth and developing new accounts
Sales organization plays important role not selling to the existing customers and the same number of units all the time, it is very important to maintain growth in the quantity of sales through identifying new markets and the new customers. In term life insurance business, adding new clients, they can sell new policies and by that business can grow and get developed. So, for term life insurance company identifying new segment of markets and by that adding more and more new customers is always on priority list.

Sales communication and reporting
Sales management is carried out largely through communication-either it is oral or written or both. The communication in the sales department is two way process. The sales manager lets his men know what they are expected to achieve, how they are performing, how they can improve and perform better. He also keep them informed of what is happening in the company related to the, products, production, distribution, promotion and profitability. Insurance SFA software helps term life insurance agents to keep and maintain two way sales communication and sales reporting.

The salesman in turn keep the sales manager informed of what is happening in the market and how the sales and marketing programs of the firm are progressing. In the field’s sales situation, communication cannot be always face-to-face as in factory or in office situation. A Local installer for blinds and roller shades company play important role for two way sales communication. He let customer know about the company products and policies at the same time he update company about the feedback from the customer. Sales persons work independently and always from the office.

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