Thursday, December 11, 2008

Motivation of sales personnel

Motivation sales personnel is an important aspect of sales force management sales force management sales personnel require additional motivation because of inherent nature of the sales job, role conflicts, the natural tendency towards apathy, and difficulties in building group identity. The concept of need gratification and interdependence assist in understanding efforts require that sales personnel. Implementing motivational efforts require that sales executives be skilled leaders, rather than drivers, of sales personnel. It demands that they be skilled in interpersonal and written communications. Satisfactory job performance develop out of deep understanding of motivational forces and process, effective leadership, two-way communication, and effective handling of relationships.

Moral building: Motivation in the larger sense includes morale good morale leads to good motivation and to good performance. In other words, morale and motivation go to hand in hand, it is the responsibility of sales management to built up the morale of the sales force and maintain it at high level. Following are the some of the reasons for poor morale.
1. Improper designing of the sales territories.
2. Some salesman might be given territories with little potential.
3. The compensation plan may be faulty.
4. Performance evaluation not done with fairness and objectivity.
5. Unfair treatment in rewards, transfer and promotions.

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