Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sales Volume - Sales

We are talking Sales Forecast and Sales Budgeting here as part of our talk on Sales forces management. Sales Force Automation (SFA) is part of sales force management. We talked Fixing Sales Quota in our last talk. Today we are going to talk about Sales Volume.
Sales Volume:
Quote is an important standard for appraising the performance of individual sales personnel. Sales volume quotas communicate management’s expectations as to how much for what period sales volume quotas are set for geographical areas, product lines, or marketing channels or for one or more of these in combinations with any unit of the sales organization, the exact design depending upon what facets of the selling operation management want to appraise or motivate.

Sales volume quotas are subdivided into following categories:

  • Money sales volume quotas
  • Unit Volume quotas
  • Point volume quotas

Procedure for setting sales volume quotas:

  • Sales volume quotas derived from territorial potential.
  • Sales volume quotas derived from total market estimates.
  • Sales volume quotas based on past sales experience alone.
  • Sales volume quotas based on executive judgment alone.
  • Sales volume quotas related only to compensation plan.
  • Letting sales personnel set their own sales volume quotas.

ref: Insurance CRM Software, Insurance Agency management software


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